Actor - Comedian - Writer - Solo Performer - Voiceover Artist

Be so good they can’t ignore you.
— Steve Martin
Keep your eyes on your own paper
— All My Teachers
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Upcoming Shows This Week

Tuesday, 8/6 - Smokin’ Hot Dads (iO Comedy Theater)

Thursday, 8/8 - Fishbowl (Annoyance Theater)

Saturday, 8/10 - Best of Second City Matinee (Chicago, IL)

Sunday, 8/11 - Best of Second City Matinee (Chicago, IL)

Monday, 8/12 - Best of Second City (Chicago, IL)

Thursday, 8/15 - Fishbowl (Annoyance Theater)

Saturday, 8/17 - Best of Second City Matinee (Chicago, IL)

Sunday, 8/18 - Best of Second City Matinee (Chicago, IL)


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Ethan Cage

Daniel Morales aka Ethan Cage

I represent the dreamers of tomorrow. I strive to make music for people to enjoy in any setting. Artist aren't limited. Artist create.

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GAMS has a whole new meaning. It's not just the thickness of the legs anymore... Directed & Edited by Emily Railsback Produced by Brad Kemp Music Color Correction by CJ Covell Production Design by Chris Tuttle Assistance by Phoebe Parker Featuring Michael Amaefule, Brian Cancian, Anders da Silva, Mo Diziac, Matt Foley, Daniel Jay, Jim McGuire, Tony Mills, J.